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What our Forms Covers

Dangerous Behavior:  Horse owner can list any behaviors that might present a safety issue for the trainer, such as rearing or bucking.

Horse Injures or Kills Trainer:  Trainer agrees to hold the horse owner harmless if horse injures or even kills trainer.

Safety Attire: Trainer agrees to wear safety attire or assume increased risk of injury.

Trail Riding Specific Risks: Trainer agrees to assume risks specific to trail riding, such as terrain and wildlife.

Trainer’s Experience and Condition: Trainer represents they are sufficiently experienced to safely train the horse, have no conditions that would impair their ability to train safely and are not under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Third Party Claims:  If anyone, such as an insurer or family member, brings a claim against the horse owner in connection with the trainer training the horse, the trainer agrees to pay for the horse owner’s defense.

document formats

  • Fillable PDF, allowing you to type in information on your computer, then print out and save the filled-in document.
  • Designated space at the top of each page for your business name (optional).
  • PDFs are accessible with Adobe Acrobat Reader software, a free product.  To make sure you can take advantage of all features, especially the fillable, saveable features, update your Adobe Acrobat Reader software before downloading our equine forms.

purpose and intended use

Liability release designed for horse owners who want to protect themselves from potential liability associated with having a professional trainer train, ride and/or handle their horse(s).

NOT designed for use by horse trainers to protect themselves from potential liability – see our Professional Equine Training Agreement forms package.

NOT designed for use by horse owners with unpaid friends helping them train – see our Liability Releases for Individual Horse Owners.