What Our Horse Forms Are Designed to Do

We design our horse forms to be the very best. Rachel Kosmal McCart, the founder of Equine Legal Solutions, personally drafts each one of our horse forms and the accompanying instructions. She designs the forms for routine horse transactions and situations, such as sales, leases, breeding and boarding. Rachel’s goal is make the forms comprehensive enough for equine professionals but user-friendly enough for individuals. When properly completed and signed, each horse form is designed to be a legally binding contract. While our horse forms are not state-specific (other than our State Equine Activity Statute Forms, which are not for standalone use and are designed for use in addition to our other liability forms), they are designed to be used in any of the 50 U.S. states, and our customers can specify which state’s law will apply. Because we want our customers to have the very best horse forms available, no matter when they purchased them, we provide our customers with free updates — for life.

Additional Details

The horse forms are in PDF format, which means our customers can type in the blanks, save filled-in documents and print out professional-looking final documents. Our customers can use the horse forms as many times as they like for their own transactions. While our license agreement specifically prohibits posting our horse forms to the internet, our customers can email and fax our horse forms as needed.

Our horse forms are hard-earned investments. We spend hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars just to develop a single horse form. These horse forms are the lifeblood of our business. That’s why we don’t allow anyone to post our horse forms on the internet and why we don’t post our entire horse forms online for customers to review before they buy. After all, if customers can copy our horse forms for free, why would they pay for them?

While we understand that attorneys and other customers might want to use our horse forms as a starting point to develop their own documents, this use is specifically prohibited by our license agreement. The language of our horse forms is unique, and it’s our hard-earned intellectual property. That’s why we’ve registered each of our horse forms with the U.S. Copyright Office. Often, the language our customers inquire about editing is the very language they need to keep in their horse contracts to protect themselves. If our customers have a specific need not covered by the horse form they’ve purchased, we’re happy to credit the horse forms price toward the price of a customized horse contract.

To order horse forms, all you need is a computer and a major credit card. Once you place your horse forms order, you can access your forms immediately and save them right to your computer. It’s fast, easy and secure.

From time to time, our customers buy the wrong horse form by accident or buy a horse form and upon reading it, discover it won’t work for their situation. In such instances, we’re happy to exchange their horse form for the correct one or refund their money. See our Horse Forms Guarantee for details.