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Horse Partnership Terms

  • Information identifying horse that is (or will be) the subject of the equine partnership.
  • Schedule of owners, identifying each owner and what percentage they own.
  • If horse has not been purchased yet, provisions for purchase of horse that include who will contribute what portion of purchase price.
  • Provision for registering horse, including in whose name(s) it will be registered.
  • Where the horse will be kept and who will pay for the horse’s board (if any).
  • Who will train the horse, if applicable, and who will pay for the training.
  • Whether the horse will compete during the partnership and, if so, who will make decisions about, provide funding for and be entitled to winnings of competitions.
  • Whether the horse will be bred during the partnership and, if so, who will have breeding rights, be entitled to proceeds from breeding and own any offspring resulting from the breeding.
  • How the horse will be cared for and who will pay for it, including emergency and routine vet care, farrier care, medication and supplements and alternative treatments such as chiropractic and acupuncture.
  • Whether the horse can be ridden for recreational purposes during the partnership and, if so, by whom, when and in what activities. Includes optional specifications for tack and equipment, jumping restrictions and protective gear.
  • Provisions for insuring horse, including who will be named insureds and who will pay for the insurance.
  • Provisions for reimbursement of expenses among the equine partners.
  • Provisions for selling the horse, including when it will be offered for sale, who will be responsible for marketing and selling the horse and how proceeds will be distributed.
  • Provisions for restrictions on transfer of ownership interests, including what happens if a party wants to leave the co-ownership.

Liability Release

  • Upon signing agreement, each co-owner assumes risk of loss of or injury to horse.
  • Each co-owner assumes risk of death or injury to self in connection with horse.
  • Each co-owner agrees to wear certain safety attire when riding and handling horse and assumes risks associated with not wearing it.

Document Formats

  • Fillable PDF, allowing you to type in information on your computer, then print out and save the filled-in document.
  • Designated space at the top of each page for your business name (optional).
  • PDFs are accessible with Adobe Acrobat Reader software, a free product. To make sure you can take advantage of all features, especially the fillable, savable features, update your Adobe Acrobat Reader software before downloading our equine forms.

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